Costa Mesa Studios

711 West 17th St, Suite D10, Costa Mesa, CA 92627

Costa Mesa Recording Studios

Nick Fainbarg
Owner, Costa Mesa Recording Studios
How does a recording studio become one of the best on the West Coast? It all starts with vision. The great sounds that have been coming out of Coast Mesa Studios for the past 16 years can largely be attributed to the vision of one man: owner, Nick Fainbarg.
System and sound designer, audio engineer, mixing and editing wiz, gear junkie, Nick has used his knowledge, experience and uncanny instincts to build a recording powerhouse where more than 25 multi-platinum artists have come to find that extra creative edge—one that a superior facility and a scary-good producer can provide.

Whether he’s overseeing an audio book or mixing and mastering music for a demo or a complete record album, Nick brings to the table a sixth sense for sound design. It goes beyond the room, beyond the gear, beyond the artists themselves—it’s about creating the ideal environment that can take artists and producers to the next level—a level well beyond their own expectations.

Nick has a clear understanding of his role in the project—allowing artists and producers to do what only they can do. Yet, at the same time, he’s always there—when called upon—with a creative suggestion or a timely tweak to make your good ideas sound even better.
Finally, a word about location. Safely removed from the media circus to the north, CMS affords a level of security and privacy you simply won’t find in LA. No intrusive press. No nosey fans. Just you and your team of professionals. It’s all here in soul-stirring Costa Mesa—just two miles north of the Pacific Coast Highway and the beautiful Balboa Bay Peninsula. If you can’t be creative here, maybe you should have been an accountant.
One more thing. If you’re impressed by awards, Nick’s got a boatload. (There’s a 2010 Album of the Year Grammy lying around here somewhere). But, of course, it’s not about awards. It’s about taking you to a level of complete comfort that will allow you to do your absolute finest work ever.

Costa Mesa Studios and Nick Fainbarg can be invaluable in making that happen.